A TRANSLATION OF A FRAGMENT [read the description- this is a tricky one]


LAUNAY, Emmanuel-Louis Henri de

Boston Book Company, ABAA
(Boston, MA, U.S.A.)

Price: $475

For sale at: www.abebooks.com

 Book Description: 1806. [LAUNAY, Emmanuel-Louis Henri de, Comte d’Antraigues.] A TRANSLATION OF A FRAGMENT of the Eighteenth Book of Polybius, Discovered in the Monastery of St. Laura, on Mount Athos. By the Count d’——-. A New Edition, revised, corrected and augmented by the Author, and rendered into English from the French version, marked, edited in London, 1806. London, T. Egerton, Military Library, 1806. Octavo. xxxiv,157pp. First and only edition in English. DeLaunay (1753-1812) was a French count, a friend of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who initially wrote tracts in support of the Revolution, then turned and sided with the nobles at Versailles. In 1790 he fled France and became a secret agent for Spain and Russia against France. He took refuge in London in 1804, where he sold Russian secret documents to the English Prime Minister. There he was assassinated, along with his wife, by a servant who had in turn betrayed him to Napoleon. Here pretending to translate Polybius, he in fact comments satirically on France and her enemies [emphasis mine]. The “Notice by the English Translator” (probably DeLaunay himself) is a diatribe and warning against Napoleon, and suggestions for administering and financing the English campaign against him. Not in OCLC, the British Museum, or the Library of Congress. The French edition, “Traduction d’un Fragment du XVIIIe Livre du Polybe,. par le Comte d’Antraigues, Londres, 1806” can be found in the British Library. A fine copy in original boards, with modern cloth back and printed label. An extremely rare book. Bookseller Inventory # 77129


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