Worldcat.org is the public face of the largest combined (or “union”) library catalog in the world.  Library folks usually refer to it as OCLC (Online Computer Library Center).  Currently OCLC/WorldCat catalogs over 1 billion items from over 60,000 libraries around the world.  This blog is not affiliated with OCLC/Worldcat in any way.  It’s just an outlet for one bookseller/librarian  (me) to feature unusual, rare and interesting items that exist outside of WorldCat’s vast reach.

This blog will feature books, and book-like items, for sale online that are not in OCLC/WorldCat. To start with, I will find interesting items on sites like abebooks.com.  In the future, I may allow submissions.  Since sellers on sites like abebooks want to sell books, I’m assuming that they’re are OK with me using their content, with proper attribution.  If not, just let me know, and I’ll take any entry off.  Use the comment box below- your message will not be published.  I have no relationship with any of these sellers, cannot comment further on their books, cannot provide additional scans, and take no commission or other consideration from anyone.

Ground rules:  All items must not appear in WorldCat in the form listed as of the date of the post.  If only microfilm exists, an item may still qualify.  If different editions appear in WorldCat, that counts, unless there are obvious and major differences.  I’ll lean toward items in English, since that’s my only fluent language.  I’ll favor items being offered for under $500.  I’ll almost always want an accompanying image.  And most of all, I’ll try to choose things that are interesting, unusual or fun.  Much as I respect special collections librarians, this blog will not be filled with incunabula, Renaissance tracts in Latin, or anything of the sort.

I can be reached at notinworldcat (at) yahoo (dot) com .


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